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By Vic Braden, American Tennis Coach

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Coolest Shopping Bags??

Stop biting your nails..



How effective and creative advertising can be, to attract the majority of people.. Im sure u have checked the images above that explain different ways of expressing several brands... The bag itself attracts the viewer, so the viewer will have the curiosity to know what is that place that has such a creative and funky bag, but in fact thats the goal behind advertising.
Ronda :)

Media Statistics

For your curiosity check the image below:


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Too Coool....Not to include!!!

Dont tell me that a massive 3D stretched goalkeeper billboard like this does not attract any generation passing under...

This great advertisement of Adidas sports company was actually placed at Munich airport for the 2006 World Cup... It was rated at the top 10 billboard advertisements. Eventhough it's 2 years back but i think it still deserves to be mentioned.It makes the viewer want to play at the same moment..

Ronda :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

London's Latest Outdoor Media Trends

A promise has been announced by JCDecaux that a roll out of a 20-strong network of 48-sheet sites in London from spring onwards. So that when updating the campaigns, advanced quality images are offered by Digital LED screens in addition to its greater flexibility.

The most important point has not been mentioned yet, which is the cost of each piece. Actually buying those screens cost a lot, which could be around £100,000 and above per piece. But JCDecaux's chief executive Jeremy Male says: "Outdoor is the fastest-growing medium after online and with people spending more time out of the home, it makes sense to invest in visually appealing and exciting projects."

Basically this project has been displayed on site to check if the new technology works and if advertisers are happy with it or not. If it does work then probably UK will be managing to have a minimum of 10 digital screens in place by the end of the year and why not 20 hopefully.

In the picture above you can see that it is a touch digital screen, built-in, in a very professional and slim way, a way that does not bother but attract people’s attention while passing by.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Follow the Light at Night

Follow the crowd; cover all of a city’s popular and crowded nightlife areas by simply having a flexible and movable mobile media. Light up the streets with the most advanced media that outdoor advertising has to offer.

People stop and look appealingly to the ad that is being displayed on different walls in multiple streets; anywhere around. Some people are interested to know the ways of how this projection works and others just see it nice and ready.

Here’s how this great media works:

=> Images are projected from a van customized with high-tech projectors on top. As the van slowly cruises popular areas, it illuminates the walls and buildings that it passes. Projections can also be stationary as the van is parked and illuminating key, highly-visible walls. Moving images are approximately 30-40 ft square. Stationary projections can reach 200 ft square! The projection also includes a special effect like zooming.

Use Quick Time player to check out a live video of a mobile projection.

If you dont have Quick Time player click here for a free download.


Dubai Media City

Dubai Media City is the only global media hub in the middle east where all media related businesses thrive together in the perfect atmosphere. It is located at the crossroads of Middle east, Africa, and South Asia.
Dubai Media City is a successful reflection of the ruler and Vice President of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum to transform Dubai to a knowledge based society and economy.
DMC creates a world class environment of every kind of media business, which broadly includes media and marketing services, music, film, leisure and entertainment. It ensures that all the media companies have the freedom to be creative in order to reach the outstanding level which is the basic goal of this DMC.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

What about Segways ??

Segway a word I have previously mentioned in my posts. It is one of the latest type of advertising that takes the brand directly to consumers, events and hard to reach locations.

Above we see several vehicles, in which the Ad is fully wrapped around the front, the sides and on both wheels. It is still very early for people to lack interest in checking what this vehicle is about, because it is very new that people should stop to check it out.

Those attractive vehicles are best to be in crowded busy areas. Also as a wall of advertisement, segways can be parked while brand ambassadors attend to promotional giveaways and interacting with your audience.
For more details on bringing this new media to your next campaign please contact us.